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Echourouk TV

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July 14, 2013


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Echourouk TV

Echourouk TV

Echourouk TV الشروق TV الجزائرية بث مباشر is a privately owned Algerian television channel which was launched on 1st November 2011. The channel also has a newspaper of the same name and the transmission of the channel is broadcast ed in Arabic language. Its broadcast is available on satellite, digital and lives streaming as well. This television has captured a huge number of Audiences in a mean time. It has approximately about 50,000 viewers which have given it the 4th position in the top listed television channels of Algeria. It has changed a number of logos and now its name Echourouk is written in Arabic on its logo. You can get the complete information regarding the programs and their schedules on the official web site.

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