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Canal Algerie

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July 14, 2013


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Canal Algerie

Canal Algerie

The Canal Algerie is one of the associated channels of Algerian national public television network Enterprise National de television (ENTV). It was launched in 1994 by ENTV in the French language. Usually the broadcast languages of all ENTV associated channels are French, Arabic and Berber. This television can be seen on French Numericable, Monaco MC Cable television services, Eutelsat satellite service present the channel in Europe and in America it is available on Globe-cast World TV. A comedy series Nass Mlah City was produced by the ENTV in 2002 was highly appreciated by the audience of the channel and then in 2004 and 2005 the two sequels Nass Mlah City 2 and Nass Mlah City 3 were telecast respectively.

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